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We are Blitz Nation

Want live music at your special event? Want the best of LAs performers? Want the best party band in LA? Looking for a particular musical genre, or unique musical style? Maybe a fresh twist on a string quartet, or your own unique vision of unforgettable musical experience?

We Provide Musicians for Events

We bring together the best of LA’s musical talent to serve your every musical desire. Our brilliant artists connect with your audience to deliver a truly memorable tailored event, and we will be there to manage it all from beginning through to the last dance!

Meet the Founders

You might be wondering who we are. Well there’s Anna, Natalie, Rob and Matt. And we have years of experience in delivering the very best in live musical events and performances.

Anna is from Sweden and Rob from the UK and they met while working in one of LA’s hottest DJ companies. Natalie and Matt are from the UK and they have been providing live bands all over the world for many years.

We know exactly how to deliver the very best experiences to make your event truly fantastic. We understand how important it is to get things absolutely right. And we know how much it matters to us that we cater for your every musical wish, and make your dreams come true.

We are utterly passionate about what we do. We are a unique, new musical agency with access to absolutely awesome talent from LA and beyond. And we will be there by your side from the very beginning to ensure your event is totally magical.

And now we are together here in LA, bringing over 30 years of live event experience to you.

So when you’re thinking about how you can make your event unbelievably special, why not give us a call?



Blitz Nation is a Los Angeles-based live music company, providing top talent to private and corporate events.

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