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Blitz Nation is a Los Angeles-based live music company, providing top talent to private and corporate events.

Toofun Guitar

Toofun's extensive repertoire contains an incredible mix of genres including world fusion, blues, classical, rock, and Spanish. He also creates unique arrangements of orchestral works and improvises around popular jazz standards. This unique and eclectic style means that Toofun is suitable to perform at the full range of private and corporate events. He is particularly popular for creating romantic wedding ceremonies, classy cocktail hours, and unforgettable wedding breakfasts.

His virtuoso style is also popular for providing the perfect classy background ambiance at luxury restaurants, roof-top bars, and small corporate events. Toofun is a vibrant and unique entertainment proposition to wow your guests and is available to book exclusively through Blitz Nation today!

Sunset Strings

Entertaining audiences with their authentic style and unrivaled charm! Sunset Strings are the ideal duo for any setting. Their extensive repertoire, fun energy, and creative finesse are perfect to fit any event.


Our violin & guitar duo can perform in either a background or interactive style. Generally, they roam and interact with guests, playing a diverse range of genres including; Classical, Jazz, Top-40, Hip-hop, Country, Religious & Holiday songs as well as popular hits from the world of Movies & Musicals. Their unique skills and creativity with arrangements ensure guests are engaged throughout, while not being overbearing in the afternoon or pre-reception.

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